Why not Twitter?

My first encounter with social groups is on eGroups, which later became yahoogroups. I would say that was the first well-known social networking media. Then there are forums and websites like Orkut, LinkedIn and Facebook. I use these tools to connect with people and keep in touch. Once in a while I do update them with what I am up to or what is going on in my mind.

However, if I have to advertise everyone of my single moment, that’s like having someone follow me everywhere. I need to have my own privacy. Of course I am a social being, but there is a limit to which I can allow others to interfere with what I do. So far, the value I found in Twitter is to have someone follow me everywhere, which I don’t favor much. It may help an enterprise to advertise their new products or update their users with product updates. However, it may not suitable for an individual who values privacy.

So far, I am happy with other social networking tools. With recent DoS attack, I am just curious about Twitter’s maturity. Can it protect my identity on it?

This is my first blog in August, decompressed after the Burton Group Catalyst conference.

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